Meet, Amani Love (aka: Mahni, Mahnster, Mahncha).  My wonderfully large bundle of cat that is FAR from skinny.  But never fear!  We  (as in, Amani and I) are on a quest!  I, nor does Amani, want to become a statistic.  There are far to many resources, articles, information... out there in this world, for Amani to continue to be overweight. Now, don't get me wrong.  She is a big-boned cat by nature (her brother and liter-mate are too).  But, non-the-less she could stand to loose a few oz. So join Amani on her journey too!  Not hair of course, as her coat of deep brown, seemingly black hair, is GORGEOUS and super soft year-round...but a journey towards living a healthier animal life.

*Amani is pictured above and below surrounded by some of her favorite things... lace and light.  She is a princess by nature and loves the finer things in life.

*photographed below are some of Amani's favorite work out equipment pieces.  Contrary to the actions of typical cats her size, Mahni is extremely agile.  She can jump, pounce, and hunt with the best of them... she tends to use the below, more often. 
(L-R/B-F: Mousey, Happy Fish (Martha Stewart of course), George, Grayson, bottle top, pen cap, Christmas ball w/ bell inside) 

Mahni has ALWAYS been a BlueBuff girl.  This will probably never change.  This brand has such a great variety of cat foods that adhere to nearly any diet, from sensitive stomach needs to diet friendly ones.  Below is the food we are trying out currently.  FREEDOM by Blue Buffalo is Grain-Free as well as free of Glutens and artificial preservatives.  Amani only likes seafood, so we get the "Indoor" type that is made from a Natural Fish Recipe.

There is so much more about Amani (Mahni) that we'd like to share with you, so stay tuned! More to come!

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