30 Years of Wonderful

Yesterday I turned the BIG 3-0. I didn't know what to expect... I didn't feel any different...Yet, to be honest, I was and still am completely overwhelmed by the birthday love that was shown to me. COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED! From my parents who sang to me at 12 midnight, to my pastor who texted me in the early morning even though it was Easter Sunday, my sister and her husband who made my day full of laughter and fun, Twitter, IG, and FB shoutouts, my family and friends who's individual greetings/texts and specific gifts (great photos, homemade cake, special books!, love!) were genuine and just full of joy, to my number one man who did a ton of things, but the Starbucks he reluctantly purchased me after church made my day! I'm overwhelmed again! Tears tears tears! I love everyone truly!! Cheers to joining the 30 club! here here! (Jay-z better be right.)

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