Curlbox: Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Review

Happy Saturday!

I just wanted to do a review today on a product I received within my February Curlbox.  For those of you that don't know, Curlbox is a monthly service that delivers a box full of hair products, geared towards those of us with natural hair... kinks, zigs, zags, and curls alike.  I've been able to test a variety of brands since first subscribing to Curlbox, and have happily found many products that are now staples in my hair regimen.  View My Hair Closet by clicking HERE

I'm extremely excited about finding the below product because its filled an empty space in a part of my hair regimen that is vital! Moisturizing! 

...Now, I'm not talking about conditioning - deep or leave-in- ...I'm talking about, good ole fashion juice to satisfy my parched strands.  Check my find out below...

So. contrary to what I just said... BeautifulTextures Moisture Butter, is not a juice.  Its really doesn't have the consistency of a butter either, like one would think.  (I think of Body Butters from the Body Shop, which has a much smoother texture)  The substance of this product is a bit looser...not watery though.  It does glides on nicely, however which helps with usage.

How do I take care of my hair's health using BT Moisture Butter?

I follow the "Moisturize and Seal" Method which just means I keep my curls moisturized by first applying a water based product (BeautifulTextures...first ingredient always should be H20) and then applying an oil or oil based product, coating the strands from root to tip, concentrating on the edges.  I generally like to use coconut oil, as it is one of the only oils that coats as well as penetrate the hair shaft.  It is important to "Seal" your hair strands with oil, as this will keep all of the moisture within your hair for a longer amount of time. 

How do I produce hair styles using BT Moisture Butter?

80% of the time, my hair is set in small-medium sized Two Strand Twists.  Wearing my hair in a curly style is a treat that I only do when I'm going to a special event or need to take photos for something.  Flat ironing my hair only occurs once per year, generally around Christmas time.

Either way, I've tried a variety of setting lotions to make my Two Strand Twists neat. (I've listed these favorites on my product favorites page as well)... but BT Moisture Butter really works well.
On the package there are actual directions on the many ways you can use this product and what you can mix it with, to expand its usage as well.

For Two Strand Twists, simply section your hair off into the desired size, dip the tip of your finger into the butter (forcing you to only use a small amount) and smooth this amount from the top of the hair strand to the tip.  Then, proceed to twisting.  Your twist will be neat, smooth, and well moisturized.

If you decided to wear a twist out, my experience shows that your hair (mine is a mixture of tight coils and waves...) will remained defined.  Overall I'm happy with this product and definitely recommend it!

What moisturizers/moisturizing methods do you use to keep your curls, kinks, and twists tight? let me know by commenting below!

Happy Hair Journey!

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