Curls and Clothes - the Beginning

I watched across the Oregon Diner booth in disgust as Reggie proceeded to pour a steady stream of strawberry syrup onto his pancakes. Scratch that. I don’t want you to get confused in thinking that there was a stack of pancakes on the plate.  That would be false.  There was only about a quarter of the stack still on the plate.  Clearly not enough ‘pancake’ to justify the amount of syrup.  Therefore, I was grossed out.

But alas, I’m not in a relationship with this man based on his pancake to syrup ratio preference. 
So I moved on with my thoughts.

“You know….”  Reg began to speak in between gross juicy red mouthfuls. “You’re really going to have to be real on this one.” He said, staring intently at me, as his eyebrow arched in that severe way that it always does, whenever he’s thinking hard or concerned about something.

I nodded and said, “I know, babe. I know.” 

“Are you going to be ok with that?” he asked intently.

“Me?" I asked, looking up at him. "...the questions is, are YOU going to be ok with that? I may be sharing some personal things…That may mean discussing parts of our relationship.” 

His brow furrowed.

I wanted to smooth it out with my thumb, but it was covered in juice from the lemon I has just squeezed into my cup of tea.

After a few brief moments he spoke.

“Well, If that’s what you need to do, than by all means.” he answered, sincerely.

“See, this is the difference between “StyleSkinny” and “Curls and Clothes…” he continued.

“That was about fashion news... completely style based… and just a couple of posts about your life… Natural hair wasn’t even really in the mix.” 

He continued, “Your life has changed drastically. …now is the time to share that change with people. Share the transition, not even with just your hair journey, but with everything… the struggles, the happy times… ups/downs...all that stuff. Just keep it one hundred.”

I smiled externally... and went back to sipping my tea. He went back to his pancakes. But, the reality of that fact had set in. We were discussing the prospect of me starting a brand new blog.  I had wanted to do this for a few years now, but just couldn’t get my butt into gear.  The thought of leaving behind, “StyleSkinny” scared me completely.  I had started that fashion and design blog back in 2009… years of my life had been poured into that site. How could I move on?

I wasn't sure, but I knew it had to happen.

This was the day that Curls and Clothes officially changed from an idea to a mission...a goal.  Today I've started the mission, but it is far from completion.

As you look around the site you will undoubtedly notice that everything is NOT up to par.  There are broken links, empty pages, and only a few posts...some are even old favorites from my beloved StyleSkinny.
But, this is ok with me.  Hopefully it is ok with you.

This is my new blog. new journey, and I want nothing more than you, the reader, to share the actual experience with be a part of the growth process.
I literally cant wait to discuss everything in life from natural hair and health to my Faith, love, relationships...and you know I cant leave my beloved big boned cat Amani out of the picture. :)

So although everything isn't perfect at this exact time, I truly hope you hang around for a while so we can journey through the process together!

**styled by ZynBeautyBar []/photos by Big Rube Harley []

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