Curlbox: Motions Radiating Gloss Review

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Its no secret... I'm a straight up Curlbox FAN!  Once a month the great folks over at Curlbox...lovingly deemed the "CurlBoxCrew," mail myself (and loads of others) a box of full sized hair product, samples of products, and a variety of other fun hair treats, all geared towards those with curls, koils, and kinks.
I personally find this service beneficial as it helps me to not go broke while still fulfilling my beauty product addiction.  Some call my 'kind' a - Product Junky. haha.  By getting shampoos, conditioners, oils, and the likes by a variety of different brands monthly, I'm able to test out different products and find out what works best for my hair. ...and of course I love to do Product Reviews for you all... so the more products I acquire, the more I can try out, and thus review! 
For the month of May, my favorite product found in my Curlbox comes from the brand Motions' "Naturally You" line.   Motions Radiating Gloss is now a new staple in my hair regiment for three reasons.

 1. BOMB INGREDIENTS.  This product has been formulated with the ingredients shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil.  As discussed in prior posts, most oils are used to coat the hair strand and seal in moisture already within the strand.  On a molecular level, many oils are too thick to penetrate the hair. Many oils EXCEPT... you guessed it - coconut and avocado.  (olive too).  Now, these oils cannot fully get through to the core of the hair strand but they can sneak in a bit, and every natural hair gal knows, all we want is more moisture.  we want more, we want more, we really really want more!!  Click HERE for more information on oil penetration.

2. PACKAGE PERFECTION. Let me just say that this product comes in an excellent -ergonomically correct- bottle.  The weirdest things mean a lot to me as a consumer, and shape and usage of bottle, container, or spray can make a huge difference is whether or not I purchase something long term.  This bottle has an easy pump top... not to little and not to much of the oily mixture comes out, and I can easily grip it without slippage.  I really dislike it when I cant hold a bottle with one hand and simultaneously pump or squeeze the trigger.

3. SHINE ON!  This product really made my curls shine the first day I used it, as evident of the photos in this post, however I was more amazed at my second, third and forth day of usage.  Usually after day 1 of a braid out, I loose all traces of sheen, regardless of whether I sleep on a silk pillow case.  Over the years, to prevent this, I've used straight unrefined coconut oil, which I love, but it tends to be thick and goopy at times (Yes, I said goopy... like globy...chunky... you know what I mean.).  Motion's Radiating Glosser is lightweight and makes my day old hair feel super soft.  Its the best antidote for smashed bed-head curls as well.  Seriously!
So, anyways, these are the reasons for which I love the Motions Radiating Gloss product and would ya believe?... the CurlboxCrew made me a MayCurlBox Winner for posting my photo, product, and results. Yay! Till next time... xoxo, SBG  (Click HERE for additional PHOTOS from the "Young Queen" Shoot!)

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